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Flyer Design for LiveGlam
Months of the Year GIFs
Facebook Ad for Spoon App
The target market was Southeast Asians between 18-35 years old for an audio broadcasting app called Spoon. Spoon is a type of radio that could involve lots of personal interaction, so it could be more fun than traditional radio. Unlike video, you don't need fancy equipment or any special skills in order to become a broadcaster.
Hero Headers for Carbon Coco
Social Media Ads for Kandy Kurls
These social media ads were made with the social media's UI in mind. Colors were chosen to contrast beautifully against the UI backdrop. I also ensured that the message and takeaway is clear and complements the accompanying text. Click on this project to find out more about the process.
Pinterest Images for Blog Marketing
To add visual interest and help promote LiveGlam’s blog content, I was hired to create images to supplement each blog article. As a bonus, I added Pinterest-sized images at the end of every article. The images I made not only encourages readers to pin the content to their boards but also ensures that they can grab a casual pinner’s attention.
Product Image Carousel for Indira Active
The client wanted more exciting backgrounds to her product photos. Her objective was to post these images on Facebook and Instagram to promote her brand. Taking note of best practices in creating images that pop against all the visual noise on Facebook and Instagram, I made the images below. I ensured that the color scheme would stand out against the interfaces of the social media sites/apps, and I provided a background with interesting textures, lines, and patterns.
Blog Pull Quotes for Social Sharing
CLIENT: A hiring and recruiting expert in the US | These are pull quotes from a client's blog entries. She has a service-based business, which makes her blog virtually "unshareable" for image-based social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. To encourage social sharing, we decided to create typographic pull quotes from her articles and posted one on each blog entry.
Product Packaging Design
The client wanted a simple but elegant design for her premium beauty box. She wanted a design on top and on a flap, while keeping the rest of the box white. To keep her costs low without compromising on beauty, I purchased a geometric vector on Shutterstock and changed its color to match her brand's color scheme. I then added the textual elements she needed for the box.
Media Kit for Lustre Magazine
This is for the magazine of an Australian beauty box subscription company.
Advertorial Layout Design
To increase the chances of having an advertorial actually being read instead of skipped for a different article, it has to capture the audience's attention first. While content is important in holding the reader's attention; layout design is important in capturing it. It's also important in ensuring the correct hierarchy of information so that the reader will take away what piece of information the brand intends for the reader to take away.
Magazine Cover Design and Layout
This is a magazine that accompanies the client’s natural hair products subscription box. We produce one every month. In order to save time, I created Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator templates that allow me to layout the magazine in less than 15 hours. This ensures that the magazine is printed on time and that the box is delivered to thousands of subscribers without delay.
Magazine Layout Design Based on Cover Image
This layout was based on the theme of the cover image, provided by a different designer. Printed on folded 11x8.5" size paper, squeezing as much content and design on this small magazine can be a challenge. For this layout, I worked closely with the editor to ensure that the text was short and concise enough to allow room for illustrative photos and a more playful layout. Each page contained only a maximum of 380 words. This allowed me to include complementary photos and decorative elements that make the content more engaging and informative.
Fashion Editorial Layout
Ebook Design and Layout for Opt-In Inceptive
A collection of ebooks used as an opt-in incentive to generate leads for a client's website. The client wanted purely vector based images that are fun and colorful yet clean and professional.
Pethereum Hero Headers
Hero header images in varying sizes for website multiple social media accounts. This includes Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
Flat Illustration Pet Avatars
Flat illustration animal avatars for Pethereum.
Business Cards
A collection of business cards created for different clients.
Take Me Back Up, Please!